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News & Analysis

The Philippines: Jury still out on new transfer pricing audit guidelines

30 September 2020 by Carlo Navarro, Rishi Mehrotra and Bianca del Rosario

Deloitte Southeast Asia transfer pricing leader Carlo Navarro, along with senior manager Rishi Mehrotra and assistant manager Bianca del Rosario, identify and examine salient features of RAMO 1-2019 that could give rise to future transfer pricing controversies

News & Analysis

Overview of transfer pricing developments in Thailand

30 September 2020 by Stuart Simons

Stuart Simons, tax partner with Deloitte Thailand, provides background on some of the recent developments in transfer pricing regulations in the kingdom

News & Analysis

An overview of Transfer Pricing regulations in Vietnam

30 September 2020 by Dinh Mai Hanh

Dinh Mai Hanh, a tax partner with Deloitte Vietnam, outlines some of the recent legislative changes to transfer pricing regulations in her jurisdiction

News & Analysis

Malaysia’s evolving transfer pricing landscape

30 September 2020 by Theresa Goh, Gagan Deep Nagpal and Jimit Parikh

Theresa Goh, transfer pricing leader, Gagan Deep Nagpal, director – transfer pricing, and Jimit Parikh, associate director - transfer pricing, from Deloitte Malaysia provide an update on some of the legislative changes impacting transfer pricing activity in Malaysia

News & Analysis

Transfer pricing and the COVID-19 phenomenon: An Indonesian perspective

30 September 2020 by Shivaji Das, Rahul Batheja and Patricia Leo

In the wake of the ‘new normal’ and the unprecedented disruptions caused by COVID-19, Deloitte Indonesia senior technical advisor Shivaji Das, technical advisor Rahul Batheja and assistant manager Patricia Leo take a practical look at what Indonesian taxpayers can expect on the transfer pricing front and how they can prepare to navigate through these challenges

News & Analysis

The tax landscape is shifting and yielding a fundamentally different future

25 September 2020 by Deloitte

The tax landscape is shifting and yielding a fundamentally different future

News & Analysis

Andersen rebranding

14 July 2020 by Orientax Consulting

Special note from Karoly Radnai, CEO of Andersen Adótanácsadó Zrt, founder of OrienTax

News & Analysis

How BEPS 2.0 unified approach will revolutionize business models

04 March 2020 by KPMG Luxembourg

BRIEFINGS: Luxembourg, 4 March 2020

News & Analysis

Overview of TP developments in Japan

25 September 2019 by Jun Sawada and Luke Tanner

Partner Jun Sawada and senior manager Luke Tanner discuss recent developments in Japanese transfer pricing legislation

News & Analysis

The changing landscape of transfer pricing in the United States: Section 482 audits

25 September 2019 by Kenneth Clark

Kenneth Clark, head of the tax litigation subgroup at Fenwick & West, discusses changes to the transfer pricing regime in the US