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Transfer pricing

Senior partner Danny Septriadi leads the transfer pricing practice at DDTC. It has five partners and more than 125 professionals. Its practice covers transfer pricing documentation, APAs and MAPs, risk assessment and policy issues. In the last year, the team handled more than 1,250 transfer pricing documentation reports. It also published books about transfer pricing practice, which have been used as references by tax authorities and taxpayers. 

The team helped clients dealing with business restructuring and price setting policy issues. In this case, it implemented several recommendations to build a transfer pricing policy regarding the new structure. For example, an addendum of a contractual arrangement and selecting the most appropriate method to be applied. In addition, the firm also assisted a Japanese multination company with a transfer pricing audit matter. 

In 2019, the team hired eight transfer pricing professionals and four transfer pricing specialists left the firm.  

Client feedback 

“Expert in transfer pricing and cross border transactions. Always on time in providing the advice to clients All team members of DDTC provide excellent quality of work” 


Roy David Kiantiong leads the transfer pricing practice at Deloitte. Another key practitioner is Balim, who focuses on transfer pricing disputes and resolution matters. The team helps clients on various issues such as transfer pricing planning, compliance documentation, APAs and MAPs. It also assists clients with matters related to BEPS, and has hosted BEPS events and industry sessions. The team has established a tight relationship with the tax authorities on transfer pricing issues and provides support in the design and implementation of audit defence strategies in dispute resolution. 

Client feedback 

“The Deloitte team has been proactive in following up with discussions and also engaging with me to align on strategy.” 

“Deloitte has been actively assisting us from the preparation of the appeal letter until the hearing process. They have been performing good quality of services in the corporate and transfer pricing areas.” 

GNV Consulting Services

Charles Oetomo is the head of transfer pricing department at GNV Consulting, supported by Dewa Nugraha and Felic Setiawan. He has more than 20 years of experience in tax consulting. He has knowledge of national and cross-border issues and risks involving transfer pricing issues. He also helps clients on transfer pricing documentation.  The team has a strong reputation in transfer pricing dispute practice. It helps clients across various industries, including trading and manufacturing, energy and resources, banking and financial services, telecommunication, media and technology. 

The team helped a client devise a transfer pricing plan in order to achieve the most efficient transfer pricing structure within the two entities. In addition, it also represented a client dealing with tax appeal issues from a transfer pricing point of view. 

Hadiputranto Hadinoto & Partners

Ponti Partogi leads transfer pricing practice at Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners. Its practice includes transfer pricing litigation, dispute resolution and documentation. The team helps clients on defending transfer pricing methods during legal actions. It has also contributed and helped implement unilateral, bilateral and multilateral APAs for a wide range of companies. 

Iman Hindrajanto, Achmad Rhesa and Irfan Pradana joined the firm as tax specialists. Tax specialist Trinyotin left the firm in 2018.  


Iwan Hoo leads transfer pricing team at KPMG. Director Aaron Bruiner is another key professional. It includes several professionals with overseas qualifications who major in international tax. Its practice covers transfer pricing documentation and disputes. The team hosts seminars on gaining the knowledge of new regulations for domestic and foreign conglomerates. 

The team helped several clients dealing with transfer pricing issues in 2018. It represented the taxpayer throughout the audit, objection and appeal stage. 

MUC Consulting Group

Wahyu Nuryanto and Otto Budihardjo lead transfer pricing practice at MUC Consulting. It is comprised of 35 professionals. The team provides services including transfer pricing documentation and litigation. It is a member of MSI Alliances to improve its working capability. Its clients involve state-owned companies and large groups, covering such sectors as energy, digital and banking. 

The team helped a client dealing with transfer pricing documentation issues based on the digital economy. It also provided advice related to the client’s transactions in order to align with the digital economy. 

Bayu Cahyadiputra, Tito Heidy Yanto and Racha Arif Luthfi joined the firm as transfer pricing analysts in 2018. 

Client feedback 

“It is excellent and satisfied.” 

“They are very helpful.” 

RSM Indonesia

RSM Indonesia is a member of the RSM network. Partner Untoro Sejati leads the transfer pricing practice at the firm. It focuses on transfer pricing documentation and disputes. It has established four strong sector groups in the development of its business, including in the government sector, energy sector, financial services sector, and real estate and construction sector.  

The team represented a client against tax authorities regarding its transfer pricing position. In this case it developed, prepared and drafted defendable argumentation to mitigate the client’s transfer pricing risks. 

Angela Kusumaningtyas left the firm in 2019. The firm also hired three transfer pricing specialists to expand its transfer pricing business. 

SF Consulting

Sri Wahyuni Sujono is the head of the transfer pricing practice at SF Consulting. Other key professionals include Ratna Febrina and Agus Windu Atmojo. Its practice includes transfer pricing disputes and compliance. The firm also assists clients with preparing transfer pricing documentation involving local filing and master filing. It is a member of Crowe International and TPA Global. Its clients cover a wide range of sectors such as oil and gas support, electricity state-owned and mining industries.  

The team has expanded by hiring three supervisors and more than 20 professionals in 2018. 

Solusi Inti Konsultama

The team at Solusi Inti Konsultama is comprised of two practitioners. Its practice covers transfer pricing documentation, including CbCR, local filing and master filing. It also provides transfer pricing dispute services related to tax audit, objection and appeal. It is active in the consumer and goods, energy, utility, mining and financial services sectors. 

The practice helped several clients on transfer pricing documentation issues with respect to local filing and master filing. The team reviewed clients’ business activities including function, asset and risk analyses. It also performed analysis to be consistent with the arm’s-length principle. 

Suryani Suyanto & Associates

The team at Suryani Suyanto & Associates is comprised of ten professionals. Key practitioners include Susy Suryani and Faozan Efendi. Its practice covers transfer pricing documentation, audit, objection and litigation. It also takes advantage of its database in order to help clients more efficiently. 

The team assisted a client with a transfer pricing matter with respect to the current tax audit situation. It is related to the transfer pricing audit and how to test the arm’s-length principle of a related party transaction. 

Client feedback 

“The company did the work very well and was strict to the deadline.” 


Muhamad Fajar Putranto and Wawan Setiyo Hartono lead the transfer pricing practice at Tax Prime. It includes 45 professionals at transfer pricing and international tax division. The practice covers transfer pricing documentation, disputes and benchmarking. The team helps clients on transfer pricing documentation adjustment with respect to international guidance and domestic regulations. It assists clients in a wide range of sectors, including financial services, transportation, food and energy. 

The firm hired two practitioners as partners and four professionals as tax audit and dispute managers in the last two years.  

Client feedback 

“Very good service, very good communication. Need to be more permanent staff dedicated to our company, especially on the communications requirement. Basically excellence service.”