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Transfer pricing
Baker McKenzie

The international law firm is recognised in the transfer pricing market for its strengths in dispute resolution and representing some of the largest exporters of grain in their transfer pricing litigation cases.  

Case studies show the firm is advising Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM) with its appeal against the notice of tax adjustment made by the tax authority regarding the client’s export operations carried out between ADM and ADM Co, which was based on external comparable transactions selected by the authority. The tax team prepared all the evidence offered and the case is pending for the final ruling by the Federal Tax Court.

Bruchou Fernández Madero & Lombardi

The tax department at Bruchou Fernández Madero & Lombardi, which includes transfer pricing, is made up of five partners and 15 lawyers, headed by Matías Olivero Vila. The team is active in diverse sectors such as agribusiness and food packaging. As a Taxand network member, the tax practice has a strong presence in the international market. Some of the clients include the likes of Mercado Libre, Arcor, Odebrecht, Perez Companc, Cargill, HSBC, Molinos Agro, and Grupo Sielecki, among many more.

Deloitte & Co

The Big Four accounting firm is among the leading firms for transfer pricing services offering a comprehensive TP service. The TP team has experience assisting large multinational companies across various industries such as manufacturing, energy and resources, agribusiness, financial services and more. Hernán Diez and Silvana Blanco are among the TP experts leading the practice.

In October 2020, the TP team assisted an international corporation with presence in Argentina, with preparing the transfer pricing analysis for the client’s business restructuration, which entails discontinuing its manufacturing activity in Argentina, to focus its business in to distribution. 

TPC Group

The international transfer pricing and consulting firm offers full TP services and offers advice during the tax audit defence procedure before the tax administration. The firm provides both local and master file, CbC reporting, intangible and business valuation, market range report and more. The team of 20 specialists comprising economists, lawyers, accountants, and financial managers.